Texas and Oklahoma slammed with historic floods: 5 dead, 12 missing… hundreds of homes destroyed… thousands impacted

(NaturalNews) Less than 24 hours after I posted my Preparedness Pop Quiz that encouraged people to get off their butts and get prepared for the unexpected, an extreme, historic wave of torrential rains slammed Texas and Oklahoma. All of us in Central Texas rode it out as the sky darkened to almost nighttime conditions, then dropped a cloudburst of rain that was so thick at times, you couldn’t see twenty feet in front of you.



Hundreds of homes were swept away. You can see some of the photos at this link on TheGuardian.com.
At least five people are known to have died, with a dozen more missing. One family’s house in Austin was swept off its foundation, killing a mother and her two children while the husband and the family dog survived.

Hundreds of families lost all their possessions as their homes imploded and crumbled under the weight of “a relentless wall of water” as the Governor of Texas described it.


As Yahoo News reports:

The bodies of a 14-year-old boy and his dog were found in a storm drain on Monday morning in the Dallas suburb of DeSoto, police said. Two other people killed in the storm were described as an unidentified man found dead from the flooding in San Marcos, Texas, and in Oklahoma, a firefighter who was swept into a storm drain.

A possible fourth person killed was reported by the New York Times, which said a Tulsa woman died on Saturday after her automobile hydroplaned on a highway.
Roadways were impassable, stranding travelers by the thousands. As the waters rose, many people had to abandon their vehicles and escape on foot.

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