The Miami Zombie: Drug Crazed? or perhaps something far more sinister…
May 31st, 2012

According to the Miami Herald:

A Miami Herald video showed Eugene on the Miami end of the MacArthur Causeway shortly before 2 p.m. Saturday, naked and in an apparent drug-fueled rage. He straddled Poppo, punched him, tore off his clothes and gnawed at his face as at least four cyclists rode by and the newspaper’s surveillance camera rolled.

The carnage ended at 2:13 p.m., when Miami Police officer Jose Rivera ordered Eugene to stop, and then shot him at least five times.

This is the gruesome scene we’ve all read and seen the past couple of days. Every headline and article you see replay the tale as some “drug crazed” or “drug fueled” maniac who attacked and cannibalized a homeless man.

This has sparked a puritan like wave of hysteria all over the speculation that this man was on something called “bath salts.”

According to Erowid:

MDPV is an uncommon stimulant with a short history of human use. It is known for its tendency to cause compulsive redosing and some users report sexual arousal as an effect. MDPV has been found in products labeled as “bath salts” and “plant food/fertilizer”.

The effects of MDPV are usually compared to amphetamines or other stimulants. A rough comedown is frequently reported, occasionally leading to compulsion to redose.

Doing a bit of research about this chemical, it quickly becomes apparent how easily it would be to jump to conclusions of drug fueled madness. However this is all still speculation as a toxicology report won’t be available for another two weeks or more.

So what other possibilities are there for a man to go completely mad and eat another man’s face? Of course you will have the stories of zombie type viruses and horror film come true scenarios, but there is one option that has been over looked, at least in all mainstream coverage.

What if this man was possessed by demons or evil spirits? A manifestation and coalescence of negative forces and energies? Could it be possible that the toxicology comes back devoid of crazy chemicals? What then would explain this inhuman and demonic behavior?

Consider this taken from Wikipedia:

Wendigo psychosis

The term “Wendigo psychosis”  refers to a condition in which sufferers developed an insatiable desire to eat human flesh even when other food sources were readily available,[15] often as a result of prior famine cannibalism.[16] Wendigo psychosis has traditionally been identified by Western psychologists as a culture-bound syndrome, though there is a debate over the existence of phenomenon as a genuine disorder. The theory was popular primarily among psychologists in the early 1900s, and may have resulted from a misinterpretation of northern Algonquian myths and culture.[17]

In accounts of Wendigo psychosis, members of the aboriginal communities in which it existed believed that cases literally involved individuals turning into Wendigos. Such individuals generally recognized these symptoms as meaning that they were turning into Wendigos, and often requested to be executed before they could harm others.[18] The most common response when someone began suffering from Wendigo psychosis was curing attempts by traditional native healers or Western doctors. In the unusual cases where these attempts failed, and the Wendigo began either to threaten those around them or to act violently or anti-socially, they were then generally executed.[19] Cases of Wendigo psychosis, though evidently real, were relatively rare, and it was even rarer for them to actually culminate in the execution of the sufferer.

Stranger still we can see here a list of signs of demonic attack or possession by Isis Investigations:

A change in social behaviors: A person that is an extrovert or regularly social that suddenly turns into someone that becomes an introvert or loner. Someone that begins to isolate him or herself; in such instances minor and major depression, as well as issues with anxiety should be ruled out before this can be considered one of the psychological signs of demonic possession and/or the changes in one’s personality must be accompanied by other signs of potential possession.

Personality changes: Personality changes can happen over time and evolve slowly or they can be abrupt changes that come on suddenly. Personality changes can also range from mild to extreme. Personality disorders, mood disorders, and social anxiety issues should be ruled out before such changes can be considered psychological signs of demonic possession and/or the changes in one’s personality must be accompanied by other signs of potential possession. Abrupt and recent head injuries, strokes, and/or epileptic seizures should also be ruled out. Severe head injuries can result in dramatic personality changes, especially injuries affecting the prefrontal lobe, and brain trauma can produce the same result.

Preternatural Occurrences: In some instances of possession the possessed can the ability to perform supernatural acts. The acts are seemingly imposed in a psychic manner and can result in the movement of physical objects and levitations. Electrical appliances might also be affected and spontaneous fires may erupt.

Sleep Disturbances: Some possession cases have reported that the victim requires very little sleep or that he or she sleeps excessively for hours or even days. Sometimes the sleep disturbances involve violent or excessively gruesome nightmares, and/or night terrors. Once again, it is important to rule out personality disorders, mood disorders, and social anxiety issues s before such changes can be considered psychological signs of a demonic possession and/or the changes in one’s personality must be accompanied by other signs of potential possession.

Aggressive Rage and Violent Behavior: A victim of possession can sometimes become aggressive, physically and verbally abusive, and excessively violent. Issues with explosive rage, anger related issues, personality disorders, mood disorders, and social anxiety issues should be ruled out before such changes can be considered psychological signs of demonic possession and/or the changes in one’s personality must be accompanied by other signs of potential possession.

Polyglossia: Polyglossia is the intermingling and use of more than one language simultaneously and with incredible fluency (1). This is not to be confused with an individual that has prior knowledge and fluency in more than one language and that is accustomed to using such languages simultaneously and/or interchangeably.

Xenoglossia: Xenoglossia is the sudden and abrupt ability to speak in multiple languages (2). It is imperative that the demonologist look for signs that back up the fact that the suspected victim of demonic possession did not have prior knowledge of such languages or any kind of fluency in the languages exhibited before denoting the appearance of multiple language usage as an indication of possession. It should be noted that in some reported cases of mental illness, an individual can present the ability to suddenly speak in previously unlearned languages. Instances of savantism and genius should also be ruled out before xenoglossia is deemed a sign or symptom of demonic possession.

Polyglossic Vocals: The ability to speak in two or more separate and distinct voices at one time or simultaneously (3). The demonologist must take care to ensure that the suspected victim of possession does not have the prior ability to manipulate the second set of vestibular folds or false vocal cords which would give the individual the capability of creating undertones beneath higher vocals and as many as six different sounds at the same time.

Prognostication: The sudden, seemingly supernatural, or preternatural ability to foretell future events and to provide information about people, places, things, and events that the victim could have no possible way of knowing (4). Often times, the suspected victim never displays any prior precognition.

Retrocognition: The sudden, seemingly supernatural, or preternatural ability to know of past events that the suspected victim of possession could not possibly have knowledge of or know (5).

Profanities: The victim of possession may change his or her language usage and may increase the use of swear words, curses, and profanities. This can sometimes accompany mood disorders, personality changes, and other mental disturbances.

Sacred Aversions: The sudden and unexplained aversion to objects considered sacred in positive religions; ie, consecrated water, pentacles, holy water, crosses, etc. Also, the aversion to pleas and prays spoken in extreme faith to a divine being.

Glossolalia: The act of speaking in tongues (6) not associated with sacred religious practices or rites. The demonologist must inquire about the suspected possessed victim’s religious affiliation to determine if glossolalia is a common practice for the individual so that the sudden onset of the practice can be determined. This symptom is not to be confused with the Pentecostal practice of speaking in tongues; some instances of glossolalia will seem like meaningless syllabic utterances but may actually be instances of Polyglossia where the merging of more than one language is occurring at a time.

Amnesia: Amnesia and memory loss not the result of brain trauma, head injury (dissociative amnesia), or mental illness can also be indicative of possession. The amnesia can involve Lacunar amnesia (7) which is the act of forgetting a single episode or event, or the memory loss can be related to anterograde amnesia (8) which is the loss of short term memories due to their failure to assimilate into long term memory.

Confusion: The suspected possessed victim may display serious confusion and a lack of awareness as to what is happening. The possessed individual may possess no knowledge whatsoever that they are possessed. Thus, bringing a possessed victim’s behaviors and actions to his or her attention may confuse or frighten him or her. Confusion can also accompany aggressive actions and behavior.

Embarrassment/Shame/Guilt: The possessed individual might be embarrassed by his or her uncontrolled behaviors if he or she becomes aware of them.

Auditory Experiences: The demonically possessed victim may report unexplained auditory experiences where they hear voices seemingly coming from within or from the external environment from no identified source. Auditory experiences and hallucinations are sometimes reported in cases involving mental illness.

Olfactory Experiences: The demonically possessed victim may complain of smelling foul odors that there are no identified causes for; this symptom can sometimes be associated with mental illness.

Note the aggressive behavior on the list? Now with these things in mind lets take a look at this piece from a CBS Miami article:

His mother is speaking out for the first time, saying she wanted to remember her son’s kindness and telling CBS4′s Peter D’Oench that her son was “no zombie.”

“I feel devastated,” said the mother, “That was not him who was seen on TV doing that. He was a nice kid. He was a good kid. He gave me a nice card on Mother’s Day. Everyone says he was a Zombie. He was no Zombie. That was my son.”

“I never had any problems with him,” she said. “The police don’t have to shoot him. They could have tased him. I saw what happened on TV and I started crying.”

“He had two baby brothers,” she said, “and they used to go to church all the time together.”

Rudy Eugene’s girlfriend said the attacker on the causeway was nothing like the man she knew and loved. “Rudy Eugene was not no zombie or ‘Miami Zombie’ like they’re saying. He was a human being and that wasn’t him,” said the woman.

She described him as a “sweet loving gentleman” and a “hard working man” who worked at a car wash and dreamed of owning his own business. She said she has no idea what caused the vicious attack but she saw no signs of any violence in the nearly five years they lived together.

“That wasn’t him, that was his body but it wasn’t his spirit.  Somebody did this to him,” she said.  She described Eugene as religious.

According to the people who knew him, Rudy wasn’t acting like himself in the days leading up to the attack.

“A few days ago he told my brother that he was really depressed and didn’t want to live anymore. He was a guy who just wanted a family and someone to love him.”

Anyone in the field of exorcism or deliverance ministry can tell you, one of the tell-tale signs of demonic attack is change in behavior and mood, especially depression. So the question is now, are we looking at a drug trip gone wrong, or perhaps something far more sinister? As we come closer and closer to the culmination of all of history I believe we will begin to see more and more “supernatural” and bizarre events unfold. Could this zombie attack be the beginning of this crescendo? Only time will tell.



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