Throw Your Plate Away Day

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It’s too bad – for cows – that they don’t have opposable thumbs. If they did, they could  do something about those tags that farmers put in their ears.

Luckily, we’ve got opposable thumbs – and could (in theory) do something about the tags . . . on our cars. You know, license plates. They amount to the same thing as those tags in a cow’s ears. They are a way for our farmers – the people who operate the levers of state power –  to keep track of us   . . . a startling thing, given all the prattle about America being a “free” country. Free people ought to be free to come and go without being kept track of.

Prisoners (and cattle) are kept track of.

So what are we, exactly?

License plates are another (one of many) assertion by the state of ownership over us, in this case, via ownership of our vehicles. Because control of a thing – who has the legal power to determine how a given thing shall or shall not be used – is the essence of ownership. If I am in a position to tell you how you may use your car, and have the power to compel you to obey my orders, then you’re not really the owner – are you?

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