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Live January 7th, 2013

Join your host JB tonight at 10pm CST for ATR News LIVE! Tonight we cover the head to head battle of Tyranny VS Liberty earlier on tonight’s episode of Piers “The Redcoat” Morgan’s television show, Alex Jones takes on the NWO in the capitol of the World’s Shadow Government! All that and more!



  1. The reason that I see for this major push for gun control is simply racial to me. We, America, have a horrific assault on our children and China, of all people, demand a moratorium on gun control here.
    Chicago tops 500 murders in one year, they already have gun control laws, and nobody speaks of enforcement.
    Britain has no guns,
    Australia has no guns.
    Canada has strict gun control.
    Not so in Cameroon, Congo, South Africa (unless you are an Afrikaaner), Ethiopia or any other country in Africa or the third world in general.

    This is a rights issue, but all too often it seems to be the rights of one group of people that are threatened. My people.
    The thing is that we will never get rid of lunatics and violent people. Those people are innate to the human experience. The only thing we can do is facilitate good people defending themselves.
    But no, immediately after Sandy Hook we were presented with two options; No guns or armed guards in school. What? Why is that the only two options? Why can we not have a real conversation about violence? Why can we not speak to the real problem?
    Because we are White and productive and that cannot be.

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