1. Completely agree! I grew up in Blount County and I hate to say this it is ran by religious Hippocrates (the majority at-least). It is clear how everyone cares more about their “morals” when the just morals are thrown out the window. It’s their ignorance along with the rest of the closed minded population in this country that is leading it to become communist. I may sound like an old cogger but it’s true. This boy’s morals may be stake but our American Rights ARE at stake and have been since 9/11. We have a GOD GIVEN RIGHT to speak our mind no matter how grotesque it may be. I am not taking up for his since of ill humor; however, I am for my right as a American citizen. Oh also I will point out if Koty religious views was not atheism Blount countians would’nt have took it to heart as much as they have, hows that for some so called Christians judging? Another thing is considering Blount County rarely has any illegal activities (except the usual drugs, DA, etc) the D.A. and law officials saw this as a good opportunity to get their name out their and Blount County on the map. This whole situation is just sorry and messed up. I believe this is why religion and state were probably meant to be separate. To think people are actually complimenting the law official!s? All I have to say to them is go eat eat another doughnut and leave my damn rights alone!!
    Free Koty for the sake of the 1st amendment!

    • Also I know Koty personally and when it comes to any kind of violence at all even grade school name calling he is like a dog with a tucked in tail!

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