Waiting in the wings: Single-payer health care

Robert Ringer

I wrote last week that a laissez-faire marketplace is the only acceptable replacement for Obamacare. But, of course, we all know that’s not going to happen.

Obama and his Obamaviks know full well that Obamacare is going to collapse under its own weight. They know because they understand what’s on the horizon – doctors closing their practices, fewer young people becoming doctors, Medicare recipients being hit with copays they can’t afford, everyone’s insurance rates increasing dramatically … the list goes on and on.

So if the Obamaviks already know all this, why are they pushing the Obamacare throttle to the floor? Many of them – like, for example, the Dean of Duplicity himself – truly want to harm those whom they believe to be too financially secure (i.e., the wealthy and the middle class). Why? Who knows? Maybe they got bullied in school … or were deserted by their parents … or had their rattles taken away from them prematurely. Who has time to psychoanalyze these sociopaths?

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