While MSM thinks terms like “Hard Worker” are offensive, Skype mixes adult language in with children’s shows



We’ve heard extremely ridiculous things about offense lately from the mainstream media; everything from “Hard Worker” being racist to Seattle banning the term “Brown Bag,” but now Microsoft’s popular video chat program Skype has mixed actual offensive adult language in next to clips from children’s shows.

In a recent update to Skype, a new feature has been added known as the moji. Skype includes clips with foul language next to children's clips

These small video clips can be added to your chat window to liven up your conversations with friends and family. However some of these clips are not exactly rated ‘G.’

In particular, one clip featuring Dwayne Johnson, better known by his professional wrestling name, The Rock, contains language that most people will find extremely offensive. Parents, Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike are not going to be happy when they hear this line included in the new run of mojis. (See picture to the right)

Perhaps the worst part about this is that this clip is included along with clips from Jim Henson’s Muppets, Pixar’s Minions, and more children’s movies and shows.

So far it looks like there is no way to remove or block the offensive mojis. So for now, if you’re a parent trying to shield your child from filth, letting them chat freely on Skype isn’t an option.


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