Miss American

(Miss American for FederalJack)   Why has the nation that was the envy of all peoples and a beacon of hope for the world, become one of the most hated, resented and feared entities on earth?? What happened? Who is behind it? Was it really this way all along? If so, the world has been deluded for decades by satanic self-appointed masters of the universe who took great delight in engineering a false world for the masses to wallow in. But, just when everyone felt safe and secure in their home, and in their children’s future (ie. firmly under Satan’ s matrix and boot), Satan and his helpers decided it was the perfect time to start amusing themselves by administering the shock treatments Americans ‘deserved’. With no shame, and little cover, they started to show their hideous face. It started with a ‘war on terror’, imaginary boogeymen, protecting the ‘homeland’, the need to kill millions, and destroy entire countries. While stuffing their pockets with billions, they told us it was to keep precious Americans ‘safe’. Sadly, 90% of the citizens were on board with this plan. For them, anything ‘we’ did was fine, as long as it kept their mortgaged McMansions, remote controlled huge screen TVs, Lexus SUVs, and butter dipped lobsters safe from the menacing terrorists. And for Americans who were not as fortunate as others, they vicariously gained a sense of strength from their Lazy Boy recliner and flag adorned ‘92 F-150s, as they watched America’s power and might decimate other unlucky populations.

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