Why pot should be decriminalized but never smoked: question your beliefs starting now

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Please take the time to read this ENTIRE article, its one of the best articles on the Libertarian philosophy I’ve read… Yes, the article isn’t really about pot…

Supporting the decriminalization of pot does not mean supporting its recreational consumption. Let’s be honest about pot’s effects on people who smoke it regularly: first it makes them dull, then apathetic, and finally stupid. With enough repeated use, recreational pot use turns intelligent, productive people into unmotivated stoners.

That doesn’t mean it should be illegal, however. And that’s the point of this article: I am wholehearted in support of marijuana decriminalization, yet at the same time I strongly encourage people to avoid smoking it. That’s the difference between me and a police state government, by the way: I believe in your right to choose what you wish to do with your body, while the police state government would far prefer to shove a gun in your face, slap a pair of handcuffs on your wrists and throw you into the prison system which is little more than a modern-day slave labor camp that benefits corporate interests under the guise of fighting the “war on drugs.”


  1. While I appreciate the libertarian sentiment in this article,I take exception to a couple of his points. Firstly, the notion that marijuana turns otherwise intelligent people into mindless drones is totally baseless. That assumption is based on decades old, faulty, scientific data based off of erroneous government research. Also, the point about raw milk is strange to me. Milk is known to have pathogens that can be transmitted to humans. I know it’s a thin line, but when does public health enter into libertarian thought? Will we allow lead paint again under the guise of freedom and free enterprise? Just my thoughts.

  2. I agree with you on both points. Smoking weed does not equate to lazy stoner and our freedoms and liberties should be plentiful but not completely untethered.

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