AltMind: Jail The Bankers


Iceland has given us Bjork, Sigur-Ros, and Justice from the rigged world economy.  While other countries are literally fighting in the streets for the restoration of the human element in a world where profit seems to trump all else, Iceland has jumped straight to the chase and prosecuted and jailed those bankers responsible for the financial collapse in their own country.  Now that the numbers are coming in we see that Iceland’s economy is actually growing while the E.U. and America still fumble around with revolts based on the decision to balance the financial calamity on the shoulders of the working class.

After a full year of Occupy protests, aimed directly at this issue, and a political race that has many Americans on the edge of their seats, one wonders why we are not discussing these sorts of measures in the United States.  After all, a free market is not representative of a system where the working class pays for the mistakes of the ruling class, but instead one where the mistakes you make while participating in commerce are the ones you have to live with.

The reason why people have gone along with the bail-outs is because of the indoctrination of Americans that trickle down economics actually works.  In Iceland, the people decided to indite their prime minister as well as the three former chief executives of the three biggest banks, bringing upon them over 200 charges.  We have been told in America that we can’t do this because it would cripple our economy but now the numbers are beginning to show otherwise.

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