Atheists Use Video Showing Churches Burning & Bloodied Cross to Promote Army-Sponsored Concert

Why in the world would atheists be using a music video that celebrates the burning of churches and bloodied crosses to promote an upcoming music festival? While a viable answer to this question is hard to fathom, this is exactly what’s going on as non-believers prepare for “Rock Beyond Belief,” a massive Army-sponsored music festival occurring at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

Atheists Plan Rock Beyond Belief Concert at Fort Bragg in North Carolina | Aidan | Richard Dawkins

Before we get into this bizarre video, let’s have a refresher surrounding how this atheist music festival came to be. Following a concert that was put on by a Christian group on the base in September 2010, you may recall that military atheists were offended. They began claiming that skeptics, too, deserve an event that celebrates their non-belief. So, after making a ruckus, the military agreed to give $50,000 toward “Rock Beyond Belief” (the same amount had been allocated for the Christian concert).

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