Bilderberg Calls Emergency Meeting in Rome to Save Mario Monti Government

Aaron Dykes
November 14, 2012

Mario Monti, source Wikimedia commonsItaly’s Prime Minister is under fire on many fronts on the anniversary of his appointment. His mandate to rule with a technocratic government and impose unpopular austerity measures has lost support. But the cavalry is on its way.

Media outlets in Italy are reporting that the Bilderberg Steering Committee [see membership list] has convened an emergency meeting in Rome to discuss the unfolding eurocrisis and how to save their man in Italy, Mario Monti, who is facing fresh pressure ahead of shaky legislation elections coming up in April, that many say may not result in a clear, governable majority.

Dignitaries central to European finance and other invited guests are reportedly staying at the Hotel de Russie near the Piazza del Popolo in Rome. Numerous Italian figures in politics and finance are reportedly in attendance. The fate of Greece and the future of Italy are said to be at the forefront of the agenda.

The meeting coincides with tense negotiations between Monti and UK Prime Minister David Cameron over the EU budget and the larger crisis concerning PIIGS nations (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain). The two heads of state have significant disagreements over proposed budget increases, as well as newly-floated single-market rules for Europe and what Monti hopes will be support for establishing a single euro-zone banking supervisor.

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