Canadians have become wealthier than Americans for the first time

It looks like there is more in the Great White North than just hockey sticks and Rush records. For the first time in ages, the average household income is worth more in Canada than the US, and jobs numbers are more favorable north of the border too.

Environics Analytics WealthScapes reports that, as of the first of this year, the average household income in Canada comes to around $363,202, which for the first time in recent history dwarfs its neighbors to the south. By comparison, the mean figure for American homes is only at $319,970 which, coupled with other items, iron out an argument that the US might be seeing some serious competition on the other side of the border.

It’s not just income that’s welcoming up north, but employment as well. Comparing jobs figures, Canada is clocking in repeatedly as being the more attractive locale for job hunters: as of July, unemployment claims in Canada were at 7.2, which is a welcoming change from the stagnant 8.2 percent in America. Only months earlier, of course, the percentage of Americans filing unemployment benefit claims hovered around the 10 percent mark for months.

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