Clint Eastwood: Ron Paul is ‘as good as anybody else’
Nicholas Ballasy
February 2, 2012


Academy award-winning actor Clint Eastwood told The Daily Caller that the Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul of Texas is “as good as anybody else” in the race but that he will decide on a candidate in another month or two after “listening to all that crap on television.”

TheDC asked Eastwood if he is still “not a fan” of President Barack Obama — which he stated in 2010 — and for his opinion on GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney.

“I didn’t say I wasn’t a fan of his, I said I thought he was a pretty good guy. At least he seems to be — I never met him. I just thought that we need that a president, in my opinion, needs to spend more time governing and less time with other things instead of just campaigning, I guess. But that’s just one opinion and that’s the way I believe it should be done,” Eastwood told TheDC at the opening of the Warner Bros theater in the National Museum of American History in Washington Wednesday.

“Now, whether any of these other guys [Republicans] would be any better, it’s a coin flip.”

When asked whom he would vote for as a “self-described libertarian,” Eastwood said, “You want me to go for Ron Paul, is that it?”

“I think he’s nice,” Eastwood replied. “He’s as good as anybody else. They’re all nice guys. We’ll see what cooks with them.”

Read entire article and see video HERE.

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