Cops shoot diabetic teen after car crash

“I didn’t know he was freakin’ diabetic!” a Cleburne County, Alabama Sherrif’s Deputy is caught saying on camera as he shakes his head. At that point, though, it was too late: he had already used his Taser on the suspect. Twice.

That suspect was Ricky Jones, a 19-year-old diabetic patient who crashed his automobile in the city of Cleburne earlier this year after his blood sugar dropped dangerously low and he went into hypoglycemic shock. Deputy Dill of the Cleburne County Sherriff’s Department dropped by the scene and ordered Jones to exit his car. When the suspect was unresponsive, though, the officer assumed him to just be unwilling to cooperate.

“Do you understand that I’m talking to you? Answer my question. What’s the matter with you?” the cop barked.

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