Drug War Fail: Teenager Commits Suicide Over 50 British Pounds of Cannibus

A TEENAGE lacrosse star killed himself after being summoned to court for possessing cannabis worth 50p, an inquest heard.

Lyn Greaves

xpress– UK

He hanged himself two days after receiving the summons. Law firm Pannone, acting for his family, says the paperwork was wrongly processed and Edward, of Didsbury, Manchester, should have been given only a warning.

A spokesman for Pannone said: “There were at least seven opportunities to spot and rectify the error that were missed.”

Manchester coroner Nigel Meadows recorded a verdict of suicide on Friday.

He did not link the death in 2011 directly to Devon and Cornwall Police.

Edward’s mother Ann said: “We want to ensure the failings in procedure that we believe ultimately led to our son’s death do not happen again and lead to another tragedy.”

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