Extraordinary top secret call between FBI and Scotland Yard ‘tapped’ by Anonymous

By Mark Duell

A confidential call between the FBI and Scotland Yard was recorded by hacking group Anonymous – the very people they were trying to catch, it was revealed today.

The group released a 15-minute tape of what appears to be a conference call last month about tracking and prosecuting the group’s members.

The top-secret conversation begins with a bizarre exchange between the U.S. and British agents, where they talk about cheese and eating ‘McDonald’s at the Pentagon’.

There is also one point when ‘Bruce’, the U.S. agent, says to the British agent ‘Stuart’: ‘I’m not sure if we’re the only two on right now or not’.

Anonymous also published a top secret email apparently sent by an FBI agent, which gave details and a password for accessing the call.

The cyber raid is the most audacious and sinister yet to be carried out by the shadowy hacking group and shows how powerful Anonymous has become.

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