Feds Trying to Silence Company Wanting to Reveal What Info the Gov’t Is Requesting About You


In 2010 alone, Wired’s Threat Level explains, the government sent more than 24,000 National Security Letters to Internet service providers and other companies such as credit and financial institutions. Letters such as these come with a gag order in place, which requires the companies to stay mum on the fact that the government was seeking to acquire information on individuals.

One company served with an NSL earlier this year is pushing back on this request for silence. Wired reports that it wants to tell its customers that their information has been requested by the government and give them the opportunity to take it to court, should they wish. This “minor defiance,” Wired states, has caused the government to file a request that the company, which remains unnamed, be forced to remain quiet because speaking out “may endanger the national security of the United States.”

Read entire article HERE.

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