Google India Removes Websites Deemed Offensive By the Gov’t

NEW DELHI (The Blaze/AP) — With Google stating just last week that it would block content on its blog platform in certain countries while keeping it viewable in others others — Twitter also announced a similar protocol – Google India has reportedly removed web pages deemed offensive to Indian political and religious leaders.

This action is to comply with a court case that has raised censorship fears in the world’s largest democracy and follows weeks of intense government pressure for 22 Internet giants to remove photographs, videos or text considered “anti-religious“ or ”anti-social.”

A New Delhi court Monday gave Facebook, Google, YouTube and Blogspot and the other sites two weeks to present further plans for policing their networks, according to the Press Trust of India.

For India’s more than 100 million Internet users, the government says, U.S. Internet standards are not acceptable.

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