Gov. Robert Bentley vows that Alabama will live within its means

By David White
The Birmingham News 

MONTGOMERY, Alabama — Gov. Robert Bentley in his State of the State speech Tuesday vowed to chop the size of government, oppose tax increases and make sure the state lives within its means in budgets he soon will propose for next year.

”The process of cutting, reducing and saving taxpayers money will never stop as long as I’m governor,” Bentley said in his speech to lawmakers, Cabinet members and others, delivered on the first day of this year’s regular session of the Legislature.

”I will oppose any effort to raise taxes on Alabama families, and I will veto any tax increase,” Bentley said.

Bentley vowed to propose legislation to consolidate some state agencies, but gave no details. ”We must reduce the size and scope of government and we have already begun this process,” he said.

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