IN HIS OWN WORDS: Al Mickle, A Candidate of the People

Candidate for Alabama’s District 6 U.S. House seat gives the citizens an in-depth look at his thoughts and ideas.

Al Mickle for Congress

Never did I think our domestic enemies would be more dangerous than our foreign ones. Well folks…that day is now here. I am running because once again, I feel that I am led to SERVE our district, state, and country once again. I KNOW what issues the normal Alabama family faces daily…because I AM also THE NORMAL ALABAMA MAN.

I bring something to the table that no other candidate does: a REAL record of standing strong against REAL opposition. (I heard one candidate say that he also had this record, yet HIS stand was only against someone who disagreed with him…in an air-conditioned office/legislative floor….) I’ve actually had to stand strong and steady…in a REAL LIVE COMBAT AREA. (Desert Shield/Storm, as well as Somalia) I have also owned a small business, ran large businesses, know what it means to make a payroll, create jobs (through increased volume), deal with government regulation, etc.

Well, while I have some friends who do not agree with my stand on term limits, we ALL agree that career politicians are killing us. I DO find it funny though, that one of the other candidates in my race, has disagreed with me on term-limits for years….until he now is running for a different position and knows that his argument against term-limits is NOT what WE, THE PEOPLE want….. Hmmmmmm.

Are you sick yet? Sick of electing “representatives” who even publicly acknowledge that they vote against the wishes of 98% of their district? (i.e. TARP). Are you tired of “REPRESENTatives” who do not even read a bill before they vote on it? In short, isn’t it time that YOU, YOUR CHILDREN, and your FUTURE has a true REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PEOPLE??? Career politicians who line their own pockets (i.e. insider trading, voting themselves a HUGE pay increase, etc), and even jump ship right in the middle of a term that they were originally elected to serve…These career politicians…are they really representing you??? REALLY? Do something different in this election…vote for a real family’s conservative, who will truly represent your voice.

Forever Wild. Agenda-21. Oh heck, for that matter, just about everything I can think of regarding the United Nations…..They just need to go away!!!

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