Innocent, but still locked-up: Guantanamo prisoners stay behind bars years after being cleared for release

President Obama didn’t keep his promise of closing the Guantanamo Bay military prison, but has the White House even tried? A new report reveals that more than half of the detainees cleared for release from Gitmo are still imprisoned there.

Of the 169 international terror suspects still stuck behind bars at one of the world’s most notorious jails, 87 have been long-approved for release, some as far back as during the George W Bush administration. British journalist Andy Worthington writes on his website this week that not only has US President Barack Obama failed to keep his promise of closing down Gitmo, but his administration has had serious problems with processing prisoners.

During his second day as commander-in-chief, President Obama signed an executive order that he said would be the first step in quickly closing down Guantanamo Bay. Now as the president campaigns for reelection more than three years after taking the oath of office, not only is Gitmo still in operation but it its confines contain prisoners cleared for release before Obama was even elected for his first time.

Many Gitmo detainees, writes Worthington, were told they’d be let go half a decade ago.

“One of the greatest injustices at Guantánamo is that, of the 169 prisoners still held, over half — 87 in total — were cleared for release by President Obama’s interagency Guantánamo Review Task Force,” writes Worthington. That task force, he says, was established at the dawn of the Obama administration and has pulled minds from varying intelligence agencies and government departments to determine the fate of the prisoners. Even after being let off the hook, however, dozens of those detainees have been subjected to continuous imprisonment at the military jail.

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