Internet Makes Alternative Cancer Treatments Harder to Hide: Two Promising Ones May Soon Be on Their Way

A.M. Freyed
June 11, 2012

Here’s an unpalatable truth: The global elites that control Big Pharma have continually repressed promising cancer treatments because the current regimes of drugs, chemotherapy and radiation are immensely profitable.

But in the past few years, thanks to the Internet, various potential cures have emerged – some of them featuring intravenous treatments such as Vitamin C and hydrogen peroxide.

Two of the most promising use ingredients from the human body itself: One well known and the other still a top secret. This article will provide information about both. The second one, far less well known than the first, apparently holds the promise of curing cancer as we know it.

It may be that powerful! Thanks to the Internet, it is becoming impossible to suppress information about such advances.

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s potential cure is the well-known one. It is now in the throes of being approved in Japan, though it is (predictably) lagging in the US. Burzynski won a protracted legal battle against the Food & Drug Administration to continue his research in the area of targeted medicines called Antineoplastons.

Antineoplastons have currently completed Phase II FDA-supervised clinical trials and Burzynksi is apparently still searching for the US$300 million he needs to fund the final phase of FDA clinical trials. The treatments provides cancer patients with peptides (pieces of protein) that is in the blood of healthy people but curiously not in cancer patients.

Various peptide mixtures – Anteneoplastons – are customized for cancer sufferers. They have been targeted to some of the most difficult and aggressive cancers, such glioma and brain tumors. Antineoplastons are set to be approved in Japan long before the United States.

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