Madness Has No Boundaries: The Irrationality of The West, Israel & Islam

Saman Mohammadi
April 28, 2012

“There is a lot of tension in society between the great exploring soul, and the assembly line citizen. . . The grand exploring soul is marginalized as an eccentric, or, if necessary, more seriously marginalized as mad in some way. Madness basically up until the level of physical violence means you are behaving in a way which makes me feel uncomfortable, therefore there’s something wrong with you.” – Terence McKenna, from a talk he gave on September 11, 1993.

The most stupid and racist talking point that is repeated in the Israeli and Western media is that Iran is irrational and cannot be reasoned with other than with the use of force.

It is clear that the Western view of the East hasn’t progressed much since the time of the Greek historian Herodotus, who called the Persians and other races “barbarians” who do not value freedom and have no tolerance for other cultures. History has proven that the popular Western conceptions of Iran and the Eastern world are mistaken and wrong.

At least the Greeks and Romans respected their opponents when they clashed. They were honourable and worthy of victory. The same can’t be said of Israel and America, who cheat and cry to win wars which they start to gain profit and power. The Israeli state has played the victim for so long that the Israeli people truly believe in Israel’s victimhood mythology, and the same is true to a lesser extent of the American people.

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