Mysterious Mass Cattle Deaths May Be Caused By Random Grass Mutation

A mysterious mass death of a herd of cattle has prompted a federal investigation in Central Texas.

Preliminary test results are blaming the deaths on the grass the cows were eating when they got sick.

The cows dropped dead several weeks ago on a ranch in Elgin, just east of Austin.

Jerry Abel opens the gate on his 80-acre ranch in Elgin, walking on a field of grass he’s been using for cattle grazing and hay for 15 years.

“This is it, a lot of leaf, it’s good, grass, tested high for protein – it should have been perfect,” said Abel.

The grass is a genetically modified form of Bermuda known as Tifton 85 which has been growing here for 15 years, feeding Abel’s 18 head of Corriente cattle.  Corriente are used for team roping because of their small size and horns.

[…]What is even more worrisome – other farmers have tested their Tifton 85 grass, and several in Bastrop County have found their fields are also toxic with cyanide, although no other cattle have died.[…]

Read entire article and view video HERE.

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