New Jersey Government Moves to Force Fluoridation on Public

Kurt Nimmo
January 31, 2012

Despite numerous studies showing the danger of fluoride and cities and municipalities deciding to no longer poison their citizens with the neurotoxin, officialdom in New Jersey has moved to add it to the state’s water.

Disregarding the warnings of environmentalists and utility officials, New Jersey’s Health Committee, at the behest of Assemblyman Herb Conaway, a Camden Democrat, has required the state’s water companies to add fluoride.

Prior to the move, New Jersey was one of nation’s least fluoridated states, with 1.1 million of its 8.7 million residents living in communities that add the toxin to the public water supply. Forced fluoridation in the remainder of the country is at 70%.

Increasingly, state and local governments are calling for a reassessment of fluoride in drinking water. For instance, in October, commissioners in Pinellas County, Florida, voted to end the seven-year practice of putting fluoride into drinking water.

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