Occupy Wall Street: They’re Back, But Does Anyone Care?

By: Jeff Cox

After spending 2011 near the top of the news headlines, Occupy Wall Street finds itself in a struggle to regain relevance as a grassroots protest against corporate greed and Washington corruption.

The movement hopes to regain some of its mojo Tuesday, when it stages a nationwide May Day protest and celebration that will focus on a broad agenda of causes it hopes to push.

But with neither presidential candidate paying much attention to the OWS faction and the bloody protests in Europe seemingly quelled for the time being, this is a pivotal moment for the Occupy movement either to regain its footing, or risk being dismissed as a non-factor in the national dialogue.

“They lost relevance a little bit. A lot of people felt like it wasn’t going anywhere,” says filmmaker Emil Chiaberi, who wrote, produced and directed “Murder by Proxy: How America Went Postal,” a documentary that explores the motivations — and extremes — of protest movements that predated Occupy Wall Street or its conservative twin, the tea party.

“This whole idea of let’s just protest the corporate greed — yeah, but what are you trying to accomplish?” Chiaberi adds. “How are you going to affect change?”

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