Only Eyewitness to Breitbart’s Death Disappears

Forensic technician died from suspected arsenic poisoning last month

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Following the suspected arsenic poisoning of a forensic technician in the Los Angeles County coroner’s office, the only eyewitness to Andrew Breitbart’s death has now vanished. Christopher Lasseter saw Breitbart drop dead “like a sack of potatoes” on March 1, hours before Breitbart was set to release a damning video that showed Barack Obama fraternizing with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers.

Lasseter reported that Breitbart’s skin was a bizarre bright red color when he collapsed, a symptom not associated with heart attacks and one which was not explained in Los Angeles County Chief Coroner Craig Harvey’s autopsy report, which lists the cause of death as heart failure.

“I asked Lassiter specifically about Breitbart’s skin color and he said it was “bright red.” That bothered me because as an Army medical corpsman I knew that most heart attack victims turned blue,” wrote Paul Huebl, adding that Breitbart had drunk little alcohol and, “Poisons like cyanide, or carbon monoxide are known for turning skin red…The reality is they cannot be detected by normal toxicology testing.”

After World Net Daily hired a private investigator in an effort to locate Lassiter, it appears as though he has completely vanished.

“After recruiting the assistance of private investigators, WND found that Lasseter, the 26-year-old witness who saw Breitbart drop dead, is no longer residing at his last known address in California,” writes Jerome Corsi.

“At the request of WND, Ohio-based private investigator Susan Daniels recruited a California-based private investigator to find Lasseter. The local investigator tried without success to find a cell phone or landline phone number for Lasseter.”

“The investigator concluded Christopher Lasseter had “hunkered down” in what seemed to be an attempt to avoid further questioning.”

Is it possible that Lassiter decided to flee after hearing about the suspicious death of Michael Cormier, a forensic technician who worked as a photographer in the Los Angeles County coroner’s office and could easily have known damning information about Breitbart’s death?

Cormier died suddenly from suspected arsenic poisoning last month on the same day Andrew Breitbart’s autopsy report was made public, with police considering foul play as one of the motives. Was Cormier targeted because he knew something about the strange red color of Breitbart’s skin which contradicted the autopsy report?

Despite the fact that Breitbart made it clear both publicly during a CPAC speech and privately to World Net Daily that he was set to release bombshell video on March 1 which showed President Barack Obama alongside Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, when the footage eventually was released it actually showed Obama embracing radical Prof. Derrick Bell.

Breitbart News Network’s Steve Bannon now denies there was any footage featuring Obama with Ayers and has slammed World Net Daily for asking questions about the bizarre circumstances surrounding Breitbart’s death.

“He died of natural causes,” Bannon said. “The family wants the matter put to rest, and WND is beginning to irritate me suspecting foul play.”

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