‘Putin leave’ banner put up opposite Kremlin


Russian activists on Wednesday briefly put up a huge banner on a building opposite the Kremlin urging Vladimir Putinto quit power, as they prepare for a march through the city later this week.

Braving temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus four degrees Fahrenheit), activists from the Solidarnost (Solidarity) opposition movement installed a 140-square-metre white and yellow banner on the roof of an office building overlooking the Kremlin.

The banner showed Putin’s face crossed out and read “Putin — leave.”

“It was there for 40 minutes, then it was removed,” activist Anastasia Rybachenko told AFP.

“Our main goal was to remind everyone that a demonstration in support of honest elections is being planned for later this week.”

“We also wanted to say that it was Putin who created a system under which honest elections are not possible.”

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