Rebellion Spreads … EU Elites Have Miscalculated?

For those who missed the story, a 77-year old retired pharmacist – Dimitris Christoulas – has shot himself to death in front of the Greek Parliament in Syntagma Square, protesting the degradation of his country. It is a call to arms, a poignant moment in Europe’s unfolding drama, reminiscent of the Buddhist self-immolations of south-east Asia that so captured world attention. His suicide note refers to the Quisling regime of George Tsolakoglou under Axis occupation in World War Two. We have entered perilous waters in Europe. Greece is not an isolated case. Variants of the Greek tragedy are unfolding in a string of countries as they embark on similar policies of self-feeding contraction, as will become clear over the next two years. Spain’s youth unemployment is already 50.5pc. – UK Telegraph/Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Dominant Social Theme: This death is shocking. We are so sorry! (Nothing will change, though) …

Free-Market Analysis: We have often written that the power elite‘s reaction to the Internet Reformation is one that will not be entirely successful. The suicide of Dimitris Christoulas may perhaps support this contention.

We see and hear, as do you … And we have watched what we call the Internet Reformation unfold over time and the elite’s reaction to it. At first there was indifference. Now there is something approaching panic, in our view.

The dynastic families that want to run the world – and already apparently run the world’s central banks – have traveled the route that they took after the advent of the Gutenberg Press, which also enlightened the masses about the Way the World Worked.

They have tried to co-opt the expanding illumination without much success thus far. They’ve used a series of false-flag intermediaries, in our view, including perhaps Julian Assange, Anonymous and, in aggregate, Occupy Wall Street.

This is analogous to the apparent use of Martin Luther and John Calvin to split the Catholic Church long ago. There’s even some anecdotal evidence of support for Oliver Cromwell and his activities in deposing British royalty for a generation.

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