Ron Paul ALREADY has Control of State Delegations

Ron Paul carries enough states

to be a force in Tampa Bay

Brian Cole
Tampa Bay Libertarian Examiner

This map shows all of the states in which Ron Paul has captured the majority of delegates to date. Photo credit: Tampa Bay for Ron Paul

Ron Paul captured the majority of delegates in six states over the weekend. Paul claimed victories in Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, and even Mitt Romney’s home state of Massachusetts. Since GOP candidates are only required to win the majority of the delegates in five states to be nominated on the floor of the Republican National Convention, Paul’s progress over the weekend proves the race for the nomination this August in Tampa Bay is far from over.

End of competition for anti-Romney vote

All of the candidates running for the Republican nomination organized their campaign in a manner to provide the greatest contrast between themselves and Mitt Romney. At some point in the process, Cain, Perry, Gingrich, and Santorum all captured the momentum the mainstream media felt necessary to take away the nomination from Romney.

However, each of these gentlemen‘s support faded, due to scandals, a lack of funding, and limited enthusiasm from voters. Within the last three weeks, the list of candidates has shrunk from four to two. Rick Santorum ended his bid in mid-April, and Newt Gingrich’s heavily indebted run for the presidency concluded earlier this week.

The only true anti-Romney candidate still competing for the GOP nomination is Ron Paul. Paul no longer has competition for the anti-Romney vote in the Republican primaries, and he can now capture all of the delegates unwilling to support a GOP nominee for President so similar in ideology to Obama.

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