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  1. Please people, ltiesn to Ron Paul. He has put forth a credible plan to cut spending by $1 trillion in 1 year and balance the budget & start to pay down the debt in 3 years. But we need to re-prioritize our Federal spending, which would include bringing all our troops home & closing some 900 bases in about 130 nations around the world. With the money saved we could continue to modernize our military, closely monitor & put more agents on the border to stop the flow of illegal immigrants & overall be much safer all with less money now being spent on defense. We can’t afford to continue on our same path anyways. Ron Paul will also make big cuts in non-defense Federal spending including the phase out of 5 Federal Departments. It can all be done rationally and make us safer both financially & economically. We need to stop being the world’s policeman. We need to avoid foreign entanglements where we have no clear cut self interest. We need to stop fighting costly Unconstitutional wars. We need to turn away from ever bigger government & return to a limited, Constitutional Federal Government. Return to the basics: Life, liberty & the pursuit (no guarantee) of happiness. More freedom, more self reliance, no more big welfare/warfare state. END BIG GOVERNMENT.

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