Ron Paul wins Maine, Nevada and Iowa

May 6, 2012
Jeffrey Phelps

Ron Paul has officially won more that 60 delegates this weekend alone with wins over Mitt Romney in Maine, Nevada and Iowa Photo credit: T.J. Kirkpatrick / Getty Images


Maine – Despite attempts earlier in the week by Maine’s Republican establishment to deter Ron Paul’s supporters from taking over the state convention, Ron Paul and his supporters officially took the state anyway.

Not only did Paul win the majority of the state’s delegates Sunday, his supporters also turned the entire Republican establishment on its head by also seating Paul supporters as Chairman and Secretary of the convention on Saturday, bringing a dramatic end to decades of status-quo politics in the Pine Tree State.

While it was a mere 4 votes that determined the outcome for the Convention Chair, the delegate battle itself was an entirely different story, as attendees of the convention Sunday voted Ron Paul delegates to, at least, 15 of Maine’s 24 available national delegate seats.

There are still 9 “at large” delegate seats available and some of those are sure to go for Ron Paul as well.

Nevada – Similar attempts to quell Ron Paul supporters in Nevada were apparent when convention goers were made aware of a fake slate of delegates that had been passed around Saturday to fool voters into voting for the wrong delegates. Luckily, the fake slate was discovered and that slate was discarded.

Convention goers were then directed to the slate of delegates that accurately represented which delegate supported which candidate so voters could make correct choices.

Despite those attempts to fool conventioneers, Nevada voters were also successful in defeating the status-quo by voting Paul’s supporters to Convention Chair and Secretary on Saturday.

Sunday also witnessed another devastating defeat for the establishment and its long-standing political monopoly by resoundingly defeating Romney, taking 22 of the 25 National delegate seats to the RNC in Aug.

Iowa – It had already been determined weeks ago that Ron Paul officially won Iowa with at least half of the delegates going to Paul. This weekend witnessed much of the same as the second half of Iowa’s state convention also witnessed the vast majority of available delegate seats having been chosen as Paul’s.

All together, of Iowa’s 28 available national delegate seats, 23 are known Ron Paul supporters.

Iowans also seated the majority of its alternate delegates as Paul’s, cementing a weekend of total Ron Paul supremacy and assuring the fact that the Ron Paul 2012 campaign is truly on its way to making huge waves in Tampa.

Despite the establishment’s media desperately attempting to have people believe otherwise, Ron Paul now has a real shot of taking the nomination and stealing victory from the jaws of defeat.

All together, this weekend watched Ron Paul win at least 60 national delegates, in these three states alone.

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