Shooting at Auburn apartment complex reported

Sunday, June 10, 2012, 1:42 AM

AUBURN, Alabama — There has been a shooting at an apartment complex in Auburn, which houses a lot of college students.

The shooting occurred at University Heights apartment complex on Longleaf Drive late Saturday evening.

Evan Woodberry of the Auburn Bureau is at the scene and says via Twitter:

> Police shielding the crime scene with tent. Evidence markers all around. Scene is directly in front of apartment clubhouse/main office.

> Police bringing large set of exterior lights to illuminate crime scene. Residents not being allowed into complex, watching from outside gate.

> There are perhaps a dozen police cars, fire and ambulance have left. Entrance to apartment blocked off.

Police have given no details on the nature of the incident, the number of victims, or the kinds of injuries that earlier prompted ambulances to be on the scene.

Only residents of the complex are being allowed to enter after showing police identification.

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