Singer Tony Bennett calls for legalizing drugs

Singer Tony Bennett. Image via AFP.

The Raw Story  By Andrew Jones
Sunday, February 12, 2012 16:08 EST
In a speech reacting to the death of Whitney Houston, legendary singer Tony Bennett urged the U.S. government to legalize drugs once and for all.

Bennett’s comments came at the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party where Houston was found dead a few hours before.

“First it was Michael Jackson, then it was Amy Winehouse, and now the magnificent Whiteny Houston,” Bennett said, according to USA Today.

“I would like every gentleman and lady in this room to commit themselves to get our government to legalize drugs. So they can be getting to a doctor, not to some gangsters who sell them up under the table. There’s enough going on, and it’s time to straighten out our own lives. We’re the greatest country in the world, and we should never forget that.”

WATCH: Video from USA Today, which was published on February 12, 2012 here.


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