Syria rebel group claims it killed Russian general

Haaretz and Reuters
Aug 8, 2012

The Free Syrian Army claimed that it has killed a senior Russian general working with the Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria. The report, published by Al Arabiya on Wednesday, claims that the Russian General Vladmir Petrovic Kojai was serving as a security adviser to the Syrian defense minister, who was also killed in Damascus roughly a month ago. Kojai’s personal translator was also killed.

The Syrian rebels also stated that they obtained documents and maps belonging to the Syrian Army, which show opposition positions throughout the country. Kojai was killed outside of Damascus, when according to reports, his bodyguards attempted to open fire on a Free Syrian Army roadblock. The rebels told “Al-Arabiya” that the Russian adviser’s presence in Syria is further evidence of Russian involvement in the Syrian crisis.

In a video statement sent to Reuters, the group, calling itself the “Hawks Special Operations Battalion, a division of the Military Leadership of Damascus City and Province”, showed what the rebels said was a copy of the general’s ID, as issued by the Syrian military.

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