Syria Update: What the News Isn’t Reporting

Tony Cartalucci
Land Destroyer Report

Scratching just below the surface of the Western media’s headlines are stories carrying greater implications – stories the West believes are better left untold.

“Operation Damascus Volcano” Followed Weeks of Warnings of Impending NATO Psy-Op.

Beginning last week, headlines were overrun by a coordinated NATO-backed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) offensive and an assassination bombing in Damascus, timed so close to each other and the UN Security Council vote on sanctions, the vote was pushed back a day. The attacks dubbed, “Operation Damascus Volcano” were clearly coordinated with the assassination bombing, designed for psychological impact, and when Syrians reacted with resolve, they quickly collapsed.

What went unreported until over a week later, were warnings of a potential NATO psychological warfare operation, matching hijacked satellite channels broadcasting false reports with an initially violent but ultimately futile militant offensive to stampede the Syrian government out of power on a wave of confusion and panic. It appears “Damascus Volcano” was just that operation.

The Western media would not cover this story until a week later, when security operations in Damascus concluded in the favor of the government and Syrian state television repeatedly made warnings to its viewers about further potential disinformation campaigns. Even then, reports were limited to “Tweets” by Western journalists and headlines in China’s English news.

Dissent in the UN Security Council Not Confined to Only Russia and China

Another big story was the UNSC resolution that was vetoed by Russia and China. The US and UK were quick to condemn the two nations, portraying them as the sole obstructions to resolving a conflict of the West’s own creation. But, what has gone largely unreported by the West, is the abstaining of Pakistan and South Africa – revealing wider opposition upon the Security Council than was portrayed, illustrating an erosion of Western influence its media houses would rather not discuss.

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