The trap of Marxism/socialism..the fight for America continues

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In my last article I took to task a Media that has lost all credibility and that what went on in the government shutdown was Constitutional and 100% legal. The conservative members of the House of Representatives, being duly elected had their mandate from their constituency to derail the Administration’s attempt to change America to a Marxist/Progressive country, and to continue its march to another trillion dollars in federal debt. I also stated that the approval rating of 8% for Congress is probably higher than that, but using 8% makes the 37% rating of the president seem good by comparison.

The next part of the saga in the never-ending battle to take back our government from those bent on making America a socialist/Marxist country, will be to discuss how we are being over-run and then in a continuing series of articles how we must use the Constitutional rule of law to thoroughly defeat the anti-American liberal progressives. Most clear-thinking Americans know liberty and freedom when they see it, however there will always be a segment of society that desires freedom and liberty, but because they have been educated in the public education system, have fallen prey to the “touchy-feely” do-gooders vision that disguise Marxism and socialism.

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