Why Well Meaning Socialists Like Webster Tarpley Misunderstand Ron Paul & Libertarians

Alex Benesch
Tuesday, June 5, 2012

All that praise heaped on Ron Paul at this year’s Bilderberg protest just might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back for Webster Griffin Tarpley. The well meaning socialist braniac can’t seem to take it anymore. How long has he been waiting for a mass grassroots movement based on strong beliefs and centered around a charismatic figure, and now that it is here it is libertarian, limited government, a swarm of darn Austrianites.

As long as libertarians have a limited following, are some niche academic strain and fractured, Tarpley can just poke fun at them or lambast their ineffectiveness, but for the Ron Paul Revolution he has to pull out the big guns: The campaign is supposed to be bought and paid for by the establishment, the entire thing a ruse to get Romney the nomination, and a way for Paul to funnel millions into his network of family nepotism.

As Alex Jones has phrased it carefully, everything Tarpley says sounds intelligent. I say: Not everything Tarpley says intelligently is also sound. I myself have interviewed Tarpley twice for my show just a few years ago. He is fluent in German.

He used that opportunity to tell me that Ron Paul’s proposed economic measures to combat the economic crisis, namely liberating workers and business owners from the straightjacket of taxes and regulations, would cause millions of Americans to literally starve to death. All libertarians, Austrians, limited government advocates according to Tarpley, just don’t understand economics. Instead he would like to see huge socialist projects being financed, a “new deal” with millions of happy workers zooming and buzzing around, building things. Socialists always think really big. It’s a fair question to ask what the United States would look like today if he and his old college buddies from the group Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) would have run the country. Would they have handed America to the Russians? Would we have seen the inevitable gulags and millions of starved people?

Tarpleys affection for big government types doesn’t stop with Putin or Roosevelt. As late as 2008 or 2009 he spoke to me (and probably others) in a favorable way about Hillary Clinton.

I have a very specific idea why Tarpley and many other well meaning socialists seems to overlook the fact, that the true free market people carry the economy on their backs, in America and elsewhere. I know exactly why there is this hatred towards libertarian and ultimately American ideas:

Leftists have a very good understanding of what evil looks like on the surface but a warped understanding where it comes from. They can write brilliant books exposing evil dynasties but then go and propose exactly the wrong things to fix society.

They believe that personal wealth which is not under the control of some collective organization “breeds greed” and that individualism inevitably leads to a growing indifference to the problems and suffering of others. The family is supposed to be the nucleus of that evil dynamic. If you outlaw and destroy the family, if you take away the rights of the individual to trade freely, to start a business and accumulate wealth, then according to socialist lore you can root out evil.

This concept sounds tempting to many. It seems so plausible on the surface. The “1-percenters” and their dynasties do steal and enslave regular folks after all.

But the crux of the matter is this: Truly evil people are not evil because of a lack of socialism or because of having basic rights. They are evil because they have little or no empathy and are defective subhumans due to genetic reasons or due to developed disorders of the narcissistic and psychopathy spectrum. They constitute up to 5% of every population, in every color and religion or political system. They are masters at mimicking normalcy, they are excellent actors. They use every dirty trick to quickly rise up in any group, small or big, in any type of system.

They are not hindered by their conscience or considerations about the general wellbeing of others which gives them a tactical advantage. Where others would hesitate to sell out old comrades, they will do it in a heartbeat. Recognizing them is key to any human endeavour. Take any evil family or corporation and ask yourself: Are they evil just because they have family ties or just because they are a corporation?

The socialists don’t come near addressing this science of evil adequately enough, they need the support of narcissistic control freaks to achieve their goals and their nice sounding system deprives people of the rights and resources to fight evil and to create their own structures.

Inevitably, the wrong people will be in charge at some point and then you get the gulags and the secret police. Even the better people become so deprived of everything that makes us human that they themselves turn narcissistic and develop a lust for violence towards others, because violence is the opposite of the drab, boring slave routine. They start to snitch on their fellow man, not just for a pittance of a reward, but for the feeling of doing something that makes you feel powerful. Cue the whining well meaning socialists afterwards who don’t understand why yet another socialist experiment was “hijacked and misled by dictators”.

Now you know why leftists everwhere just hate Ron Paul, they see him as the harborer of evil. Bilderberger Peter Thiel gave Paul 2 million dollars? Yes, but that sum didn’t make or break his campaign. Paul can get 3 times as much on a single day from average hard working people. For Thiel, this is small change but it buys him a lot of rummaging distrust and rumors amongst the ranks of Paul supporters. The Bilderbergers reach out to Rand Paul and offer him a chance for the VP slot? A cheap way to discredit him or the far fetched plan to park him in the White House and keep him under control. Ron gives important positions in his campaign to family members? Well he better does if he trusts them! It’s only nepotism if he breaks the law or chooses incompetent idiots over others who are not family but way more qualified, and I haven’t seen evidence to that, Tarpley!

I am used to getting emails telling me Ron Paul is evil because some screen grab shows his hands in a perfectly boring position. Now I am supposed to believe he is some deep cover agent working for the new world order who has fought the establishment for decades to build up his street cred just so he can now ensure Romney gets the nomination instead of some other Romney clone that works for the same people.

I just don’t buy the conspiracy here. I believe Tarpley’s problem with Paul is simply the differing views on how tyranny and freedom really work.

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