Would you pay to use Facebook to help investors recover their loss?

Donna Anderson
August 30, 2012

In an August 29, 2012, article at Huffington Posts’s blog, readers are asked if they’d be willing to pay one dollar a year to use Facebook. In the grand scheme of things, one dollar doesn’t sound like much and most people wouldn’t even think twice about anteing up. But we’re talking about 900 million people here and that means $900 million. Instead of waving dollar bills, we should be waving red flags.

Saini’s blog post focuses on Facebook’s investors, whose fortune seems to be hanging in the balance. The stock closed at $19.10 on Wednesday, August 29, down 50% from the IPO price and it’s no secret that investors are pressuring Mark Zuckerberg to find some way to make the site profitable.

The suggestion that Facebook users help Zuckerberg out by passing the hat is just that – a suggestion, for now. But don’t think those investors haven’t thought about it.

Would there be an outcry from users if we were all asked to pay an annual fee of $1.00 to access Facebook? Probably not. Oh, there’d undoubtedly be a few dissenters, but not enough to make a difference. After all, if Zuckerberg’s numbers are correct there are at least 850 million registered users on the site. Even if half opted out, that still means Facebook walks off with more than $400 million every year – on top of what they’re already making.

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